ASD PRODUCTS – Turtle Power Distribution Center – Full Kit

Item # ASD-TB-00

  • The power box runs off of either the stove, dryer outlet, or generator.
  • Gives 60 total amps of power in 4 GFCI’s
  • Each GFCI is connected to its own 15 amp breaker
  • Xactimate Code: WTR POWD



Turtle Power Distribution Center


Expand your arsenal with the new Turtle Power Distribution Kit by the makers of the Elite Axial air mover ASD Products. This package is a must-have for each truck you operate. Full Kit includes everything you need to operate in a residential building.


The Turtle power distribution box has a maximum running capacity of 60 amps at 120v.

Each 15 amp GFCI runs off of its own individual 15 amp breaker.

The unit can be powered by either a 50 amp range outlet or a 30 amp dryer outlet or generator.

National Electric Code for extended power usage states that you shouldn’t exceed 80%. For the extended use of the box, only 12 amps per GFCI should be utilized.

The Turtle Bag was designed with heavy-duty wheels for easy rolling, the handle slides up and down for easy use and storage. The backpack straps allow workers to carry the Turtle hands-free and transport additional equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers at the same time.


Full Kit comes with:

Rolling Bag with back straps
PowerBox- Advanced Version
3 Prong Dryer Cord
4 Prong Dryer Cord
3 Prong Range Cord
4 Prong Range Cord
4 x 15′ Blue 12g lighted extension Cords