CleanMaster Quake HD

Item # CM-QHD-1G-4P | Mfr. Model # 950-127-B

  • RTU pH 11.5 – 12.0
  • For Commercial, Synthetic & Neglected Residentail Carpets
  • super-concentrated pre-spray
  • Contains anti-resoiling additives which keep the carpet cleaner longer
    and does not leave sticky residue.
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High Definition Cleaning Carpet Pre-spray and Traffic Lane Cleaner

Experience cleaning in high definition, even when you are cleaning heavily soiled and grimy carpets. Quake HD is a VOC compliant formula that contains the industry exclusive component Tritanol™ – an integrated blend of specialized encapsulating polymers, organic sequestrants, and specialty surfactants. With the unprecedented cleaning power and performance of Tritanol™, you will experience deep restorative cleaning in high definition. It just works better!

It dissolves and cuts through oxidized oils and grease without the use of harsh solvents and is excellent at emulsifying particulate soils. The synergistic combination of solvents, surfactants, boosters, and high pH alkaline cleaning agents will quickly remove the toughest soils found in restaurants, apartments, and restoration cleaning jobs. Quake HD is a super-concentrated pre-spray, and is designed to be used at 1 part solution to 8 to 24 parts water depending upon soiling conditions.

Quake HD will help you to restore the appearance of dirty and neglected carpets and make you the hero in the eyes of the customer. It is formulated to be used on synthetic carpets, specifically, nylon that have been neglected or require constant cleaning. It has a ready-to-use pH of 11.5 – 12.0, so it is not recommended to be used on warranted residential carpets that have been properly maintained. Quake HD is low foaming, has a mild fragrance and rinses free of the carpet for low residue cleaning. It also contains anti-resoiling additives which keep the carpet cleaner longer and does not leave sticky residue.


  1. Always pre-test all cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness prior to application.
  2. For increased efficiency, apply Quake HD with injection sprayer to take advantage of solution pressure and heat created by your high performance portable extractor or truckmount. You can also use a “pump-up” pressure sprayer, or electric or battery powered sprayer. Apply in even overlapping patterns.
  3. Prespray with 1 part Quake HD mixed with 24 parts hot water. For extreme soiling, mix Quake HD 1 part solution to 8-12 parts water. For standard injection sprayer, mix one quart water with four quarts of Quake HD into 5 quart container.
  4. For carpets with high levels of caked-on grease and oil contamination, consider boosting by adding two ounces of GreaseBreaker with each mixed gallon of Quake HD.
  5. Extract with a compatible alkaline extraction detergent or acid/neutralizing rinse. For faster cleaning, reduced fatigue, and more effective soil removal, extract with the RX-20 Rotary Extraction Tool. In furniture dense environments use the Evolution cleaning wand.
  6. For faster drying, especially in humid environments, consider the use of an axial, centrifugal, or downdraft air mover after cleaning.