PEX 500 Heated Portable Extractor

Item # HM-PEX500 | Mfr. Model # 56384887 | Machine Only
Item # HM-PEX500A | Mfr. Model # 56385431 | Machine, 25 Ft Vac & Pressure Hose , 1.5 Inch Evolution Wand

  • Cri Gold seal of approval
  • 2,000 watt adjustable heat for instant heat up to 212 °F
  • Adjustable 50 to 500 Psi pump
  • Dual 3 stage Vacuums
  • Optional 1.5 inch Evolution wand 25 feet of vacuum & Solution hose



From: $3,395.00

Mobile and Maneuverable

The PEX 500 is designed with the end user’s needs in mind. Features like the upright, dolly design with roller wheels allow for easy loading, unloading and stair climbing. The “Easy Transport” features of the PEX also crown it as the king of mobility. A special wand caddy is molded into the design of the machine. A retractable hose wrap holds your vacuum and solution hose. Cord wraps hold your electrical cords. Its ergonomic handles, even weight distribution, and compact size makes it maneuverable in tight spaces. It is the easiest high performance extractor in the world to move through a facility, reducing the chance of operator injury. All of these features combine to make the PEX easier to use for one person.

Power, Performance, and Ideal for Noise Sensitive Environments

For performance, the PEX 500 has all the power and versatility you expect from a HydraMaster extractor to have and more! Dual vacuums and on-demand 212°F heat from the industry leading 2000W heater provide unmatched cleaning power.  The smart dual circuit indicator light lets you know you are ready to clean without blowing any breakers. The PEX 500 is an incredibly quiet machine – ideal for noise sensitive environments!

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain

The PEX 500 is easy to use. Simple, intuitive controls require less training for the operator. The easy to access solution fill port is below knee level for easier filling. The sloped recovery tank allows for simpler wastewater emptying and easier tank clean-out. The innovative waste tank design also reduces foaming, speeds up cleaning and maximizes vacuum recovery. There are two heat settings for easy operation:  High for carpet and Low for upholstery cleaning. The innovative solution pressure relief valve on the back of the machine allows for quick changing from one tool to another and speeds you up when shutting down.

For maintenance, it doesn’t get any easier than the PEX “clam-shell” design. Simply remove four bolts and open the hinged tanks for full access to all internal components on the machine.

Features and Benefits

• Dual 3 stage Vacuums: Dual vacuums with unrestricted airflow produce 200” waterlift for superior water recovery, industry first innovative fresh air intake for each vacuum improved vacuum life.
• Solution pump with easy to adjust pressures from 50 to 500psi with pressure regulator
• Heater Element: In-line, after the pump for longer life and instant heat up to 212 °F at the wand tip, lifetime warranty. 2000W in-line heater has highest capacity in the industry. Two heat settings: High for carpet and Low for upholstery.
• Low Moisture System: Less water combined with higher heat means faster drying, less chance of shrinkage or wicking from the carpet pad or cushion.
• Smart Circuit Locator: Identifies separate lines to reduce blown circuits and downtime
• Tanks & Bodies: Lightweight, rotationally molded with 5 year warranty against cracks, leaks and dents. Unique “clam-shell” design for easy maintenance.
• Low Noise: Low dB day-time-quiet operation with innovative sound deadening chamber.
• Top Warranty: Industry leading, 2 year parts and labor warranty standard on the PEX Series, 5 years on roto-molded tanks
• Wand caddy, retractable cord wrap and large rear wheels make the PEX very easy to transport.


Tank Capacity: 12 gallon solution tank, 10 gallon recovery tank
Vacuum: Dual 5.7”, 3-stage, in series
Vac Shutoff: Ball float
Pump: Positive displacement adjustable 50-500 psi
Waterlift: 200”
Heat: Two heat settings: High (212°F) for carpet extraction, or Low (145°F) for upholstery
Heater: 2000 Watts
Gauge: Glycerin filled pressure gauge
Solution Pressure Relief Valve: Turn switch conveniently located on back allows for quick change from one tool to another
Wheels: 12” non-marking
Electrical Cords: 2 each 25’ detachable 12/3gauge, hospital grade plugs
Wand: Evolution Rotationally Molded Wand, twin tip for 500 psi
Dimensions: 39”H x 25”W x 33”L
Weight 110 lbs.
CRI SOA Certification: GOLD, LEEDS eligible
Part No. 56384887 – Machine only 56385431 – Machine with 25’ of vacuum and Solution hose and 1.5” Evolution Wand