Pro’s Choice Soil Crystallizing Rinse (SCR)

Item # PRO-SCR-1G-4PK | Mfr. Model # F6415C

 Choice STAY CLEAN products are the cutting edge of soil crystallization technology for professional cleaners.  SCR “Soil Crystallization Rinse”   incorporates rinsing and enrittling agents to:

1. Rinse away soil.

2. Encapsulate residues into a brittle non-sticky crystal that is removed during vacuuming.

This leaves nearly virgin, soil free fiber that resists re-soiling very much as it did when new.

Case of 4 Gallons | $10.00 FLAT RATE SHIPPING



Use a dilute solution of Soil Crystallization Rinse as your final hot water carpet extraction solution.


For truck mounts dilute 1 quart SCR into 5 gallons water for concentrate.  Set your chemical feed flow rate according to soil load (4 to 6 GPH).

For portable extractors dilute 1 ounce of SCR per gallon of water.

Caution: As with all carpet cleaning products, test for suitability and color fastness prior to use.