ShuBee WaterProof Shoe Covers (Black)

Item # SB-SC-WP-BLK | Mfr. Model # C SB SC WP BLK

  • Heavy Duty
  • One size fits most
  • Waterproof, plastic material
  • Dispenser boxes contain 40 pair/80 shoe covers



ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers

• Bigger Better® design specifically for service industry professionals
• Prevents tracking wet mud and messes in client’s homes
• ShuBee Waterproof Shoe Covers are stronger than others on the market
• One size fits most
• Waterproof, plastic material
• Dispenser boxes contain 40 pair/80 shoe covers
• Cases contain 3 dispenser boxes for a total of 120 pair/240 shoe covers

ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers, part of ShuBee's® BeeWear® line, are the BEST universal option on the market. They save the floors from most elements you can encounter on the bottom of your shoes. The material is made out of a textured plastic that we designed with a “grit” texture to make sure they maintain a skid resistance on surfaces. Instead of a tread on the bottom of the booties, we made the entire Waterproof boot cover out of treaded material.

Our Waterproof boot covers can combat mud, dirt, rain, sleet, ice and snow. No matter which make it on the sole of your boot or shoe, our Waterproof floor savers will keep it contained in the shoe cover and NOT tracked around your home.

Over the years, several companies have begun offering what they consider to be a waterproof bootie. However, they skipped the durability and tread part. Most are the consistency of a shower cap. They are thin and tear very easily. When we developed the first waterproof boot cover, we didn’t skip any corners to increase our margins. We made ours triple the thickness you will find in “other” versions on the market making sure they withstand extended use. It will only take one pair of ShuBee®s and you will go through several pair of the cheap versions to get the same job done. So in the end, you spend the same because you use twice as much when you go with the cheaper options than just choosing quality over price.

We made sure to include many color options; Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Bright Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Black. Clients use the color to make sure their clients see them going the extra mile. Some use colors as a way of managing cross contamination in environments where different areas need to be completely contained. These clients choose certain colors for certain areas to make sure they can easily spot the ones who do and don’t belong.  No matter the reason- ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers are a step above the rest.