INJ-5  Injection Sprayer Parts


Multi-Sprayer injector sprayers are the highest quality injector sprayer on the market using the DEMA valve along with Brass, Stainless Steel and Viton parts that are all made in the USA.

Male 1/4 Quick Connect

T Jet Brass, 6506

Velcro Strap

SS/Brass Strainer

Bottle Cap

Insulated Handle

Hi Pressure Hose, Wrapped

5 Quart Jug

SS Wand

SS Strainer/Check Valve No Drip

Metering Knob

Brass Hex Cap

Metering Tip Yellow

Dema Valve

Filter Housing Male

Filter Housing Female

Spray Screen / Strainer Regular

Dema Valve Ball

Dema Valve Spring

Water Nozel W/O-Ring

Metering Knob o-Ring

GunJet ST810

Urethane Tube

Back up Washer

Cap Liner

Spacer Clear

Filter Housing Cap

Dema Valve Rebuild Kit