CleanMaster Botani-Phase

Item # CM-BP-1G | Mfr. Model # 800-509

  • pH 7.0 – 7.50
  • Botanical Decontamination Deodorizer for Odors from Moisture Buildup
  • Ideal Deodorizer for Restoration and Remediation Sites
  • Deodorize both porous and non-porous surfaces
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Botanical Decontamination Deodorizer

For odors resulting from water damage, moisture build-up and mustiness

  • CleanMaster Botani-Phase represents the newest renewable and sustainable natural deodorizing technology as it derives its odor eliminating and decontamination capabilities directly from plant extracts.
  • Whenever you have a carpet, textile or hard surface that has been impacted by water intrusion or moisture exposure to the point it has developed odors related to mold, mildew, and mustiness, Botani-Phase works to effectively clean and deodorize that surface.
  • Cleaning and Restoration professionals face many unique situations where they need to eliminate the odors resulting from excess moisture in the environment or a lack of ventilation and air movement. Rather than add synthetic fragrances which only mask the odor, why not use a natural, plant based deodorizer to clear the air, refresh the room, and deodorize both porous and non-porous surfaces?
  • Botani-Phase the ideal deodorizer for restoration and remediation sites, contents cleaning and deodorization, carpet and upholstery cleaning, decontamination and odor control jobs, and more
    Used from 1:4 to straight depending upon the severity and intensity of the contamination and odor
  • Contains no enzymes, bleaches, solvents, phenols, quats, oxidizers, bacteria, or chemical desensitizers



  1. For best results. Locate all areas which are sources of odor. Remove as much odor producing source material through effective cleaning and extraction as possible. Then, saturate affected areas with Botani-Phase in proportion to the amount of odor producing material. Botani-Phase must come in contact with the source of the odor to work most effectively. Pre-test all application surfaces for colorfastness before proceeding. Apply all solutions in accordance with industry best practices and standards of care.
  2. For most applications, Mix Botani-Phase one part solution with four parts water. For severe odors and contamination, apply Botani-Phase straight.
  3. Wet the surface by saturation spraying, wiping or with a mop. Allow to dwell for 10 minutes and then allow to dry. No rinsing, extraction or wiping is required.
  4. For use as fogging deodorizer, mix 1 part Botani-Phase with 3 parts of water.  Protect water sensitive surfaces. Never inhale atomized or fogged solutions. Make sure all occupants of home or building are not present during fogging.
  5. As a cleaning additive - For portable extractor, mix two ounces of Botani-Phase with each gallon of  pre-mixed extraction detergent or neutralizing rinse. For truckmounted equipment, mix one quart of Botani-Phase with 5 gallons
  6. of pre-mixed concentrated extraction detergent or neutralizing rinse. For low moisture encapsulation
  7. cleaning, mix two ounces of Botani-Phase with each mixed gallon of encapsulation solution.