Steam Way Spotter 501 – Protein Alkaline Spotter

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This alkaline spotting solution is for blood, food & other protein spots that did not come out with regular cleaning. Most protein-based spots and spills especially blood, should be treated and removed with Spotter 501 prior to cleaning! If the spot is a common house-hold food or beverage derived from an animal source, this is the spotter to use. A very inexpensive, but effective Kool-Aid stain remover.

Do not use hot water on blood or protein stains. Do not over-apply solution. Avoid use on natural fabrics. Flush completely with cool water. Can use a spotting towel to blot out.

General usage
Straight – ready to use
Use 1 oz. 501 + 1 oz. Spotter RB in a 12 oz. bottle of water. Use with wall paper steamer.

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