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Item # HM-RO-1G-4PK | Mfr. Model # 950-140-B

  • RinseOut is effective at fabric and textile treatment to prevent or
    correct cellulosic or chemical browning
  • It is safe to use on wool and other natural fabrics,
  • RinseOut is an ultra-concentrated
  • RTU pH 3.0 – 3.5
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Rug, Fine Fabric, and Textile Acid Neutralizing Rinse/Treatment

RinseOut is a specially formulated neutralizing, detergent free acid rinse for the final step in the safe and effective cleaning of Oriental Rugs, Natural Fabric Upholstery, Investment Textiles, and Carpeting. RinseOut is also effective at fabric and textile treatment to prevent or correct cellulosic or chemical browning, yellowing, and to stabilize dyes and colors. RinseOut neutralizes alkaline and detergent residues and leaves the rug, fabric or carpet with a softer feel.

It is safe to use on wool and other natural fabrics, as well as synthetic fibers. It can also assist in dissolving and breaking down pet urine deposits as well as road salt and ice melt tracking. RinseOut contains corrosion inhibitors to protect your equipment. RinseOut is an ultra-concentrated product that will make up to 320 gallons of neutralizing rinse.

Please read the full label directions before cleaning.
Note: The preferred method for cleaning oriental rugs and investment textiles is “in-plant.” When
cleaning rugs on location, protect stone floors, stainless steel, and other sensitive surfaces
from coming in direct contact with acid treatment or rinse. Quickly wipe up any oversprays.
Fine fabric, rug, textile, and carpet neutralizing rinse:
1. Pre-test all cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness prior to application.
2. To be used as a neutralizing rinse following the application of pre-spray or preconditioning
solution such as Wool Master, FabricMaster HD, FabricMaster Fine Fabric, or FastBreak HD.
3. For application through a portable extractor, mix 2-4 ounces of solution with five gallons of
water. For use with a truckmount, mix one quart (32 ounces) of solution with 5 gallons of
water to make concentrate. Set solution flow meter at 2-3 gph.
4. For faster cleaning, reduced fatigue, and more effective soil removal, extract with the RX-20
Rotary Extraction Tool. In furniture dense environments use the Evolution cleaning wand.
5. For faster drying, consider the use of an axial, centrifugal, or downdraft air mover after cleaning.
6. For browning prevention, and post cleaning after spray topical treatment, mix two ounces of
solution with one gallon of water.
Lightly mist over the carpet, rug, or
fabric being cleaned

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