Steam Way pH-Iber Guard Protector for Carpet and Upholstery Concentrate


4 GALLON CASE | $316.73


This new formulation is concentrated 1:4. This product will stand toe to toe against any top-name protectant on the market today and perform as well or better. To prove this to yourself, test any protectant against pH-iber Guard Protectant by using an untreated dip card for each product (or the plain side of a factory-treated dip card). You will see that the pH-iber Guard Protectant beads up against transmission fluid as well as water-based soils. New ph-iber Guard Carpet & Upholstery Protector will impart soil and stain resistance that is as good as the original mill applied protector. It also meets all V.O.C. regulations.

General Usage
Mix 1 part product with 4 parts water

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