Turbo Force Mini Turbo Hybrid

Item # TF-MTH-43 | Mfr. Model # MTH-43

  • Ideal for countertops, bathrooms, and vertical surfaces
  • Operating pressure range 500 to 2,500 PSI and up to 230°F
  • Brush attachment allows for use on other flooring, counter tops and walls



The Turbo Force Mini Handheld Spinner Hard Surface Tool (MTH-43) uses high-impact jets to concentrate the cleaning power of your portable or truck mount, giving you the power of up to 2,500 PSI and 230°F at your fingertips. You can clean a large counter in no time, or power through soot, grime, and even graffiti.

The patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves surfaces drier and prevents "sticking" and excess water buildup. Your customers will love the results: cleaner surfaces that are dry in no time.

It is so lightweight and easy to use that you can operate it with just one hand!

The Mini Turbo is built to withstand daily use and abuse. It features high-strength injection mold nylon construction that resists dents, chips, and cracks.

Comes with one year manufacturer's warranty.