Pro’s Choice X-Cide Skunk

Item # PRO-XCS-1G-4PK | Mfr. Model # F2243C

Skunk:  There’s no mistaking that smell.  You get it when you are driving down the road sometimes and then you can see it laying by the side of the road.  What you really don’t want is to smell it when you walk into your house or warehouse.  X-Cide Skunk is the best way to get rid of that skunk smell on the walls and floors (no, don’t spray it on the dog).


Case of 4 Gallons



X-Cide concentrates are formulated to eliminate odors associated with specific situations and are paired with the corresponding Dry Vapor Concentrates.  X-Cide is a proprietary blend of pure fragrance oils, odor encapsulators and anti-microbials.  X-Cide Liquid can be diluted and applied directly with a pump-sprayer or fogged with the Drymax ULV Fogger.